Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Aunty Had a Ghost in her House

My aunty had a ghost in her house that used to bang on the walls and you could hear it walking around at night.  It was pretty creepy and me and my sister never liked staying at her place when we were kids.  It never bothered her though and she said that she felt that the ghost was care-taking the house when she was out, because she never got broken into or anything like that, and she lived in a pretty rough area of town.  She believed it was the ghost of the old lady that had lived in the house before her.

When me and my sister used to stay there on the holidays sometimes we used to hear footsteps in our room at night and sometimes in the kitchen you could hear the drawers open and close and sometimes the cupboards would open and close on their own.

Contributed by Terri Cason

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