Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stay Away From The Ouija Board

By Karen Corkern

When I was a lil girl I would look thru our big books of photos, and I mean alot, but there was this one pic of this lil girl I always seen telling my mom who is it? Bc I knew her I see her and my mom would say um no one and such. My grandma who was like me told me when I was about 15 it was my sis that died yrs before me. I just knew it! Then when I was about 16 or 17 my friend wanted to play with a ougii board bc we had a close friend that died in a car wreck I said nah at first bc I was really religious but I did and it was a very old one not like you get in the store it came from a girl in high school that talked to her dead mom on it and everyone said she was a witch and stuff dressing all in black WELL worst mistake bc we asked it questions and it was all over with answers so I said in a stern voice WHO IS THIS? It spelled satan I said um where are you and it said chair! Now if you seen my room you would see that I had a makeup stand with a chair that had to be folded to pass by my bed and when we looked it was facing us! Scared me and my friend a bit but we went to bed and the next morning I called her and asked why she left so early? Well she said she felt small hands grabbing her and when she tried to scream they covered her mouth but when she grabbed me they let go so I said Oh! So that's why you kept grabbing me! Yes she said! I didn't think much if it bc I was so religious then I was sleeping and felt cold so I woke up to turn off the 
ceiling fan and when I opened my eyes I was floating and the fan was in my face! I freaked and prayed and called a preacher then he blessed my room and the next morning I found my bible on the floor! Scared me bc it was on my dresser! 

Contributed by Karen Corkern

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Little Lost Girl

Story sent in by Karen Corkern

I've had many encounters with ghosts ...

This lil girl and others seems to following my step son who is 20 with cerebral palsy. He has told me many stories of ghosts he sees and hears so sometimes we talk to them and get replies as knocks footsteps old timey music playing when nothing in the house is on. We've helped cross over quite a few but more keep coming for instance the lil girl adel. 

My step son first saw her staring out his window and he hears giggles and knocks on his tv when he turns it off and she pinches him! We were stationed in a different state and was living in an apt and My step son said she was there so we went in his room and talked to her and we had a candle that would get very bright when we asked her to make it bright. Then we kind of forgot about it all because we were busy and I was packing. One night real late he tried to call us on his phone but we were sound asleep! 

The next morning his dad, who did not believe at all, checked his voice mail and when he got home I listened to it! It was a lil girls voice sighing then saying "Tim Don't Go" as if she was very sad and then you hear him getting upset! Tim didn't know his phone was still on. My husband is a believer now because she said his name and don't go plain as if she was right in front of you! Kind of scared me a bit too!!

By Karen Corkern