Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Little Lost Girl

Story sent in by Karen Corkern

I've had many encounters with ghosts ...

This lil girl and others seems to following my step son who is 20 with cerebral palsy. He has told me many stories of ghosts he sees and hears so sometimes we talk to them and get replies as knocks footsteps old timey music playing when nothing in the house is on. We've helped cross over quite a few but more keep coming for instance the lil girl adel. 

My step son first saw her staring out his window and he hears giggles and knocks on his tv when he turns it off and she pinches him! We were stationed in a different state and was living in an apt and My step son said she was there so we went in his room and talked to her and we had a candle that would get very bright when we asked her to make it bright. Then we kind of forgot about it all because we were busy and I was packing. One night real late he tried to call us on his phone but we were sound asleep! 

The next morning his dad, who did not believe at all, checked his voice mail and when he got home I listened to it! It was a lil girls voice sighing then saying "Tim Don't Go" as if she was very sad and then you hear him getting upset! Tim didn't know his phone was still on. My husband is a believer now because she said his name and don't go plain as if she was right in front of you! Kind of scared me a bit too!!

By Karen Corkern

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