Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Creepy Old Caravan

* Sent in by Selena Coles (Queensland, Australia)

I don’t know much about ghosts and all that stuff but I’m pretty sure my husband renovated a haunted caravan.  Sounds weird I know, but nothing else can explain it.

My hubby Tony started his own business after he retired, buying, renovating, refurbishing and selling caravans and camper trailers.  His specialty was old retro vans and people sought him out for his expertise and attention to detail.

A few years back a couple in their early 40’s came in with a tired, rundown old caravan dating back to the 70’s.  It was a big old beauty but it was in very bad condition.  Tony got to work on it nonetheless, optimistic about its eventual restoration.

Working in the yard one day I could hear Tony calling my name from his workshop.  I made my way into the shed wondering what all the fuss was about.  I couldn’t see Tony anywhere so I called his name loudly.  His head popped out the door of the old van with a perplexed look on his face.

“Did you just call me darl?” Tony asked me.

“Yes ... I called you because you called me ... didn’t you?” I replied.

Tony then emerged from the van looking all the more confused.  “No I didn’t ... you were calling me.”

I shook my head in disagreement.

“You called me first though didn’t you?” he asked me.

Then it was my turn to be confused.  Tony went on to explain that while he’d been working on the van he’d heard me calling him.  He said it sounded as though I was right behind him in the van, but when he turned around I wasn’t there, so he went back to his work.  A couple of moments later he said he’d heard me call his name again, then again.  That was when he’d called out to me.

Leaving us both a little baffled, we both went off to do our respective chores ... Tony back to his van and me back to the weeding in the garden.

Later that night Tony brought up the strange experience again, but the more we discussed it, the more confused we became.

The following morning I headed into town and didn’t return until early evening.  Tony had closed up his workshop (strange within itself) and was waiting for me in the kitchen upon my return.  He looked more than just a little rattled.

“You were calling me again today,” he stated before I’d even had a chance to put my handbag down.  He continued, “I kept feeling like someone was watching me all day.  Every time I went near the old van I kept getting the feeling that I wasn’t alone.  And I’d get myself a tool to do something, but the moment I put it down it was moved or disappeared completely.  I found my screwdriver up on one of the cabinets and I know I never put it there.  Took me half an hour to find it.”

I certainly couldn’t imagine what was going on, but Tony wasn’t one to make up stories.
A week or so later the owners of the van rang to see how the renovations were progressing.  Tony asked them what they knew of the history of the van, and they told him that they’d bought it through a friend, so would see what they could find out.

Tony worked on the van diligently and did a splendid job of restoring it as well as installing some modern conveniences as per the owner’s requirements.  Each night though, after spending time working on the van, Tony would tell me about the constant feeling of being watched, hearing his name amongst other words and voices, his tools continued to vanish and turn up in odd places and it was always cold inside the caravan.

The caravan was near completion and I was curious to take a look for myself.  Tony was busy fitting new lights to the outside of the van so I took myself inside and sat on the newly refurbished couch.  

I can’t really explain what I felt or why, but within a few moments I felt a cold chill run right through me and I shivered involuntarily.  I also got the feeling that someone was watching me from the moment I stepped inside.  As much as I was determined to stick it out, I just felt so uncomfortable that I was forced out of the van.  All I really know is that there was something strange about that old caravan and both Tony and I were glad to see it finally finished and out of the workshop.

When the owners arrived to pick it up they were over the Moon about the job Tony had done on their own van ... but hadn’t been able to find out the origins of the van or any information about its history.  I don’t think I really want to know anyway.  I’m just pleased nothing like that has happened to us since.


* Sent in by Selena Coles (Queensland, Australia)


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  3. Hi Selena and Tony - That van was literally haunted alright, but not by a 'ghost'. It had a demon accompanying it. Anything moving around or 'disappearing' on its own is poltergeist activity, and the demon calling your names is typical of the menacing acts demons do. They have far more of an affect on you than you might think.

    1. Its,to my understanding a demon and a poltergeist are different from each other. Are you saying it was likely both?
      Poltergeist are very mischievious and will not only move things around but can also be destructive.
      I never knew that hearing voices means demonic presence.

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