Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angelic Communication Saved Her Life


Hello.  I would like to share this so that others who may doubt might believe that Angels are real and that when we ask for guidance and even protection they will assist.

I Lost my partner of fifteen years some four years ago in a very sudden and tragic death.  Her spirit was released from her body while I held her in my arms. 

About six month ago I was deep into meditation laying flat in my bed using headphones and a guided meditation.  I had lit an incense and also a candle.  I placed the lit candle in the window sill.  Two feet above the candle hung a bamboo shade.  I measured the distance mentally and decided it was safe and just fine.  

About fifteen minutes into meditation I hear a faint knocking.  I assumed my son must be in the house and was banging around and ignored it not wanting to break my empty mindset and sense of peace.  It was so very faint as if I heard some far of echo.  I noticed the noise again , a louder knocking and then louder still so that I was completely distracted and opened my eyes.  The room was full of smoke.  I could not see anything.  I was a bit out of it and dazed but was aware enough to rush to the bedroom window , pull the now burning blind down from the window and throw it out the door.  My back door thankfully is just outside my bedroom and down a short hall.  Once that was out I opened windows, and so forth to air out the room.  I noticed I was shaking now.  I waited a while for all the smoke to clear and stared at the smouldering window blind now laying out in my back yard.  

Finally I decided to just lay down and do some breathing, calming excercises as I had become quite unnerved by all this.  I began to wonder what the knocking was, where it had come from.  My son who was out visiting friends had not returned home and I was indeed there alone.  Furthermore, the knocking appeared to be coming from the window just behind the bed.  It was more than a knock by the time I awakened to it , it was a LOUD BANGING.. bang, bang, bang, bang!!   I lay in my bed watching the ceiling fan go round and round.  A single bulb swung from it.  Suddenly the light began to flicker while the fan stopped.  The fan switch had not been touched.  The fan proceeded to die down to a stop and the light went completely out.  I was laying in the dark with only the moon shining in the window to provide a slight shadow of light.  As I lay in silence by now KNOWING that 'someone' had woke me up , had continued to create loud noise in order to get my full attention and refused to let me alone until I took notice.  Someone... saved my life.   As I’m thinking these thoughts I am begin to hear another noise, a creaking of sorts near the ceiling fan and then suddenly a crash.  My registered this almost immediately and then from the mirror on the wall a photo of my passed on partner that was stuck along the frame of it, floated to the floor landing just next to a now shattered lightbulb that apparently unscrewed itself!  I lay back in bed thanking my partner for her protection and love even from the 'other side'. 

I am very blessed. 


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