Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Signs from Above

My name is Cheryl and I must tell you of an experience, one among many.  One Sunday morning a friend I had invited to church, came by my house to walk to church with Me, only I had no intentions of going.  I told Him I'd meet Him there. He said He'd wait.  So we were walking myself, I was J-walking and exactly in my path at the end of my foot lay a receipt with a dollar bill sticking out.  I picked it up, looked around to see who may have dropped it.  But when I opened the receipt; $21.00!!!  We walked on, I with my hands raised, eyes closed and praising G-d.   And SUDDENLY the brakes were put on in the Spirit. We both stopped and immediately I said, "Where did that come from?"  While my friend was thinking the same.  A squirrel APPEARED OUT OF....NOWHERE LITERALLY.   I knew then praise opens etherial doors and windows of heaven.

From Cheryl

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