Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faces in the Clouds and Cloud Images

Faces in the Clouds & Cloud Images
( and Chemtrail Creepies)

What can you see ..?

See  Spirits in the Sky  -  Faces and Images in the Clouds  for more photos ...


All photographs were taken and are copyrighted/owned by Arthur Bussure and 
Joanne Walmsley 
(Joanne - Sacred Scribes)

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  1. Wow I can't believe I found this info about faces in the clouds !! I have several photos that I have taken with my phone & I would really be grateful if I could share these & get your point of. View & your perspectives & the images on them ?? I clearly see very interesting faces etc but since I have had no one to share these with
    You may contact me at & I look forward to hearing back from you & I thank you for all of your beautiful & insightful messages & info & MAY GOD BLESS YOU AS WELL❤️🙏❤️