Saturday, May 25, 2013

The ANGEL at the Roundabout

Contributed by Sandy Pinkerton

I’d pulled up at a roundabout in town and stopped briefly to check for traffic before proceeding.  The Sun was in my eyes but I was confident that there was nothing coming so I took my foot off the brake and was about to accelerate.

Something glisten in front of my car just then and I put my foot back on the brake pedal.  I couldn’t make it out clearly as it seemed to be bath in such a vibrant white light that I was stunned and blinded momentarily.  Squinting at the light I could make out a figure or image of a tall human-looking form, but couldn’t make out features or details.

It all happened so quickly and only last a matter of seconds.  Then all was back to normal and the light was gone.  A bike rider flashed passed the front of my car right then.  If I had taken off when I’d intended I think I would have hit him.  

I’m not really sure exactly what happened or why, but I do believe I saw an angel that day.

By Sandy

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