Monday, June 24, 2013

Angels Angels Everywhere

* Sent in by Angela Wilkinson

My mum had always talked about angels for as long as I could remember.  Everyone thought it was cute, but to my mum, angels were serious business.

Mum wasn’t religious at all but she certainly believed in angels and always encouraged my brother, sister and I to talk to the angels and trust them.  She always said that if you listened hard enough you would hear them.  I always went along with her even though I really wasn’t as into them as she was.  

I say ‘was’ because my mother passed away about four years ago now.  Since then i know when mum is around because she shows me signs by moving my little angel figurines around in the crystal cabinet.  Mum had bought me that set of angels about six months before she died, and they always remind me of her.  Some mornings I would find all of my angels grouped to one side or the other, or would be lined u along the front of the shelf.  No one ever touched them during the night and I never knew when she would strike, but I always know that its Mum paying me a visit.

As I’ve gotten older and have had children of my own (and a new grandchild on the way), I too have had more and more contact with angels.  I can feel their presence and I aks for their help and guidance whenever I feel the need and they are always there for me.  Open yourself up to the angels, and you may pleasantly surprised.

* Sent in by Angela Wilkinson

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  1. Wow i couldnt agree with you more. I talk to the angels and my guides all the time. I hear things sometimes and i know its them. Thankyou for sharing. Blessings!