Thursday, June 20, 2013

Angels By My Side

* Sent in by Angela Hogan

Angels have always been very real to me, and I’ve been able to sense and see them for as long as I can remember.  In fact I see all kinds of entities and energies of the spiritual realm every day of my life, and to me it is just part of the package.

When I listen to my angels, guides and intuition all seems to fall into place for me.  I turn to them in times of both trouble and happiness and they are always with me.

My angels give me signs and signals when I need to pay attention to something or if I’m heading in the wrong direction, they guide me to make the best decisions and choices, and also alert me to danger or wrongs.  When out driving I always ask for protection for myself and all other road users, and ask them to deliver me to my destination safely and in good time.  When I go shopping I always ask for help to find what I need for the best prices.

I ask my angels to help me rest and sleep at night, and I ask them to help me with my work during the day.  When I’m looking for something or am having trouble finding what I’m looking for, I ask my angels to give me signs or clues as to its whereabouts.  Sometimes I am led intuitively and other times I can hear the answer audibly.

Sometimes the angels give me little fits to let me know that they are around me, such as heart-shaped stones and pebbles and white feathers.  I often find them in the most unusual of places, but I always know where and why they came from, and I always thank them and feel blessed upon receiving them.
With the wide-spread spiritual awakening taking place on the Earthplane at this time, hopefully more and more people will open themselves up to the reality of angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and will allow them into their hearts and lives.

God Bless :)

* Sent in by Angela Hogan

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  1. Hello,
    Thats beautifal. My twin sister sees them as well. I am a physical empath so i feel them and i know they are very real. That is beautifal that you could see them. I hope to see them one day. Blessings!