Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Old Miner’s Cottage

* Sent in by Steven Corsa

We were finally building our dream home, but weren’t allowed to park our caravan on our land during construction, so we had to rent an old, small miner’s cottage off site.

It was a creepy place from the start and my wife and kids weren’t too keen on staying there.  The cottage had a strange musty smell to it, and the rooms were dark and dingey.  The garden was well over-grown and encroached on the windows and doors of the house.  Due to costs we didn’t have much choice but to stay and make the best of it, knowing that we would have our own beautiful new home to look forward to.  And the sooner the better.

Strange events started shortly after our family moved in.  Like I kept finding the back door open in the mornings, even though I’d made sure to lock them securely each night.  We’d also hear footsteps in the kitchen in the middle of the night and quite often the toilet light would turn itself on and off and the toilet would flush once or twice during the night. 

It made us all a bit jittery and my two kids, Chris (13) and Shannon (11) wouldn’t get out of their beds at night.  In fact, none of us were all that game to wander around at night.  We left that to our ‘friend’ who appeared to share the cottage with us. We heard knocking on the windows, kitchen cupboards and drawers opening and closing, and at times we could sense when our resident ghost was around.

As a family we tried to ignore the occurrences as much as we could and just set about getting our house to lock-up stage so that we could move in.  All we could do was grin and bare it.
The disturbances around the house went on for the entire five months that we lived there, and although nothing ever truly frightening happened, it was still very disconcerting to know that the ghost of a dead person was hanging around, day and night.  

As a family we were more than relieved when our house was finally ready to move in and we said goodbye to the old miner’s cottage once and for all and there was no looking back.


* Sent in by Steven Corsa

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