Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strange Happenings at the Hospice

* Sent in by Elise Perch

Working as a nurse for the last 22 years I’ve seen my fair share of spooky experiences that’s for sure.  It used to freak me out when I first started, but nowadays on the wards but nowadays it has become so commonplace that I hardly even think about it.

My first experience was pretty freaky though, and I’ll admit that it frightened the heck out of me at the time.

Working night-shift I was on duty with one of the senior nurses, Marion, and we were in the nurses station.  A crashing sound came from down the hall, like the clattering of metal on metal.  I looked at Marion in shock, but she didn’t bat an eyelid.  I took off up the hallway looking for the cause of the noise.  I found utensils and three stainless steel bowls scattered on the floor, but no one in sight.  I placed the items on the bench, a little perplexed, and made my way to the nurse’s station.  Marion didn’t bother to ask, but I told her what I’d found.  She just smiled at me in a strange way.

Not twenty minutes later, the clattering sound rang out again, and again Marion didn’t flinch but continued on with her knitting.  I followed the noise and found the same utensils on the floor again.  But no one was around.  This time I placed the utensils in the sink so that there would be no way they could ‘slip’ off the bench again.

Imagine my shock when five or so minutes later I heard the clattering and clanging sound yet again.  I just couldn’t believe it.  Marion glanced at me and smiled.  “You may as well get used to it’, she said wryly.

And she was right.  I worked at that hospice for nearly six years and with just about every shift there was some kind of unusual/unnatural occurrence.  I just came to expect it every day.

When I have some more time up my sleeve I’ll send along some more of my experiences over the years.

* Sent in by Elise Perch

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