Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bedside Angel

* Sent in by Chloe

I never really thought much about angels and stuff like that, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

In my early twenties I married and quickly had two little boys, Gavin and Steven.  When Gavin was only a month or so old, I work for his night time feed.  His crib was in the corner of our bedroom and as I looked across I could see a light or rather a glow hovering near his cot. I blinked my eyes in the dark, thinking I was dreaming, but I could still clearly see the outline of whitish-bluish figure bending over a sleeping Gavin.

I felt a sense of shock, but not fear.  I sat perplexed, unsure of what to do.  Then Gavin stirred and woke, the light figure fading away in the darkness.  I then switched on my beside lamp and went about feeding and changing Gavin as normal.

Laying back down in bed once done, I wandered about what I’d seen and worried that it was a bad omen.

I witnessed this phenomenon most nights after that, and in time, rather than being concerned, I felt supported and grateful for the presence each night and I believed that Gavin was being protected by what I assumed to be an angel.

Two years later little Steven was born and the same angel came nightly just as with Gavin.
My boys are now grown with children of their own, but I’ll never forget the peaceful presence of the angel who visited each night.


* Sent in by Chloe

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