Thursday, May 26, 2011

David's Spooky Story

* As told by David

In the early 80s in Mackay, Queensland, we purchased a brand new home in the suburb of Slade Point...

After we moved in strange things happened, (I myself laughed them off as house settling) but some things couldn’t be explained, such as my wife would go down stairs & do Laundry & come up to find all cupboard doors open, so she shut them, go down stairs hang out laundry, only to come up & find them open again!! Nobody at home, front door locked & I checked latches and couldn’t find fault with them.

Another time I had a mate & his wife staying up from Sydney (we were babysitting while girls had night out) & we were in the lounge room downstairs watching scary movies of all things & I went upstairs to make a coffee. When I went back downstairs Leighton was saying stuff like why did you turn TV & lights off & on? And of course he didn’t believe that I didn’t, so I put that one down to him falling asleep on his chair...But after he explained how they slowly dimmed down then slowly came back on, it had me wondering if I had electrical problems. (later checked & no we didn’t) One of the upstairs bedrooms was always chilly cold, & my young son never liked sleeping in there so we moved him in with his brother in the other room...

One night my son (8) heard footsteps then his door slowly opening, & he was that scared he hid under blankets, & felt his bed go down as if someone was sitting on it...To scared to look he just stayed there. In the morning I could see how upset he was & it took a while for him to tell us this, but apparently he had heard these footsteps over numerous nights..

So after all this I started to find out the history of the area & apparently the house next door was the original farm house for the area, & sold off land to be subdivided. Now as the story goes (which I now know is totally true) before our house was built there was a shed on it where the wife of this house banished her husband because she blamed him for their son committing suicide.

Now Apparently the guy 2 doors up was using a Ramset Gun & as he was using it he heard an extra bang.

What had happened was the Father who was depressed about his son went into town to buy a gun & bullet (which they would only sell a box of bullets) & he had gone back to the shed & shot himself.....Our house was built where this shed was & the bedroom upstairs was above where they found his body...So after we found out all this everything fell into place.

So we felt sorry for the guy & started to talk to "him" when these things happened after a while we got used to it, but like all young families we moved on & I have always wondered if the next family had the same experiences...


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