Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Willy Wagtail at the Cemetery

* As told by Veronica

This is one of my experiences.

A work colleague of mine (Doug) died in a car accident.  A few years after his death I was to attend another funeral at the same cemetery where Doug was laid to rest.  I arrived at the wrong time and I had an hour to kill (sorry about the pun) so I decided to have a look around and read some of the headstones.  

Doug was cremated, and I did not know where his ashes had been placed.  I wondered about this as I walked around.  Then I started asking "where are you Doug?, come on show me where you are".  I continued by stroll about and reading of the headstones, and I asked Doug again where he was - I was determined to find him. 

Then I noticed a beautiful circular garden ahead of me and I walked over and up the steps - it was a beautiful place with stone seats and rose bushes.  I walked around looking at the roses and then I saw a beautiful blue Willie Wag Tail. It was at my feet and twittering, looking right up at me and then it scurried under some little shrubs and I squatted down to see what it was doing, and there was Doug's brass memorial plague staring right back at me with a picture of his smiling face .

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