Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Spirits In The Kitchen

* As told by Debbie

One day not long after moving to a new suburb and house, I was standing in the kitchen getting myself a snack, when I saw my little jack Russell Terrier Candy run past me and dart into the lounge room where I saw who I thought was my brother Terry walking around the corner towards the front door.  Candy began barking furiously and I figured she was just barking at Terry because she thought he was going out for a walk without her, so I didn't think much of it right at the moment, until my mum (who was in the study down the hall) called out something to Terry, and he answered her from his bedroom right next door to the study  -  nowhere near in the lounge room.

I thought I must have heard him wrong, and he just sounded like he was down the hallway, but when I turned my head to the right I saw his bedroom light on and his shadow moving across the wall. That's when I started panicking.  Who was it who had walked through the lounge room towards the door?

Candy continued to bark so I went to see who had walked to the door, which was where Candy was now standing.  When I came around the corner I was relieved to see no one there, but I was confused about what I’d seen.  Candy looked at me, then back at the corner near the front door and continued to growl and bark.   I opened the door, but Candy didn’t want to go outside ... she just stood staring into the same empty space, with her hackles rising and bristling.  I could see her baring her teeth.  I became very frightened so closed the door and ran to my parent’s room. 

I told them what happened, but mum and dad just looked at me like I was nuts.

Another day I was preparing myself some breakfast and turned to get the milk out of the fridge.  I saw a lady standing by the bench.  I got a fright and my heart started beating really fast and I was about to ask her who she was and what she wanted  -  but she was gone in an instant.  Just vanished right in front of me.  I left my bowl of cereal on the bench and just walked out of the kitchen really fast.

One night my mum was cooking dinner and I was watching TV in the lounge room.  I could hear her clattering the knives and spoons and pots and pans and even the sizzling of the onions.  I was about to ask mum what we were having for dinner, when I thought I heard her talking with someone.  We were the only ones home at the time so I figured she was just talking to herself while she cooked.  Then I heard her say ‘thank you’ a bit louder.  I thought I’d go into the kitchen and see what mum was cooking, and as I walked in mum turned and smiled at me and said ‘now you can get out the butter for me’.  ‘Ok’ I replied, getting the butter from the fridge, handing it to her.  ‘That shoulder rub really did the trick.  Thanks for that Debbie,’ my mum said.  I looked at her and said ‘what shoulder-rub?’  ‘The one you just gave me when I was stirring the onions,’ she replied.  I said that I had been watching TV in the lounge room all this time and it was the first time I had come into the kitchen.  Mum’s mouth dropped open and she asked who had been massaging her shoulders then.   I didn’t know what to say but I felt really freaked out and so did mum.

One time mum was cooking a roast but the oven kept turning itself off.  Dad checked it and didn’t find anything wrong, but still it would work properly.  Mum ended up cooking on the stove top, and the electrician came to look the next day.  There was nothing wrong with the oven and it started straight away and stayed lit all the time while the electrician was there.  But as soon as he left the oven started playing up again.  We would never know if we were going to be able to use the oven from one night to the next.

Another time the oven turned itself on in the middle of the night and mum found it turned on in the morning.  But none of us had turned it on.  it was extra warm in the kitchen that morning, but not at the spot where the kettle was.

Sometimes when you would make a cup of tea and stand near the kettle, you could feel freezing cold air around you.  One day I had a friend over and I was making us some snacks and cups of tea, and she was standing in the kitchen talking to me while waiting.  She was standing in front of the pantry door and kept looking at it.  ‘I think you’ve got rats’ she said all of a sudden, swinging open the door.  But there was nothing there so she closed it again and started back on the conversation we were having. Mid-sentence we both heard cans of food being moved around in the pantry and my friend Kelly jumped away from the door.  We stood looking at the door, both of us too scared to open it and look.  The sounds continued and got louder and louder.   It sounded like the tin cans were being bashed against each other.  ‘Mum!’ I yelled.  We both ran out of the kitchen.  Mum met us in the hallway and asked what the matter was so I told there were rats in the pantry.  I really thought it was our ghosts, but I didn’t want to say anything in front of my friend because I didn’t want to spook her into not coming over again.

Mum glanced at me and made her way to the kitchen pantry and swung open the door.  There were no rats, but the cans were lying all over the place, with some on their sides and others upside down.
‘Who did this!?’ mum shrieked.   We said that we hadn’t done it, and I told her that when we looked in there, there was no one there.

There was another time when we come home from shopping and all the cupboards and draws where open, and all the plats were stacked neatly on the floor.  No one had been home and all the doors were locked.

We lived in that house in for 5 years all up and lots of other stuff happened over the years, and I was very relieved when we finally moved out.

* As told by Debbie

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