Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evelyn's Angelic Experience

* As told by Evelyn

I had a customer, *Sue Harkwell, and her husband passed away. I was attending the funeral
a few miles from here and the Chapel behind the pulpit was all glass. I was not really paying attention to what the Pastor was saying, but really thinking of Janie's daughter, Joanne who had been murdered.

I met Janie thru a mutual friend when the trial for Joanne's murderer was here in town.  Joanne was very religious and a friend had painted Joanne as an angel.  The clouds were beautiful and rolling.  The sun was shining.  All of a sudden, I saw angels floating to my left. and then all of a sudden, I saw the face of Jesus .  His face was clear as day.  What a wonderful experience.  

The next week when Sue was in the shop, I told her about what I had seen.   Guess what, she told me I was not the only one that had seen it.   Two more people told her they had seen the same.  I never got to meet or talk to either person, but from that, I knew Jesus was really out there for us to see.

Another vision God sent to me was when Linda's trailer burned and when she called me to tell me what had happened, I saw this beam with Linda, Jason, and Raymond all under this beam, and at that time I knew God was showing me He had all three of them in his care and  they were never in danger.

* Name changed

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