Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Hitch-Hiking Spirit

* As told by Susan

I was driving down a road with a couple of friends in SA, when we saw a tall guy hitch-hiking, so we thought we would pick him up as there were three of us and we knew we would be safe and we had already on a few occasions picked up hitch-hikers to give them a lift, to help them out.

When I turned the car around then headed back towards him slowly, we could see  he had a smile on his face, so we stopped and offered him the lift and told him it would only take a moment to move a couple of things out of the way because he was tall, we wanted to make him feel comfortable, then we opened the door to let him in.  But nobody was there.  We got out of the car and had a look around, then we just looked at each other and decided to just home drive home.

The next day we saw on the news that not too far ahead from where we were there had been a bad accident.  We looked at one another and shook our heads -  it could have been us.  And still to this day I thank the spirit or angel who saved us.

 * As told by Susan

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  1. i remember it so clearly like it happened yesterday n i still thank the spirit/angel that saved us that night.
    n all the other times that I was saved.