Friday, May 27, 2011

Leanne's Spooky Stories

* As told by Leanne


When I was about 15 I never believed in ghosts or anything really until this one night, and ever since I have believed and seen different things.

I had been reading a book in bed and then turned the light out.  I felt like there was someone in my room watching me and I thought it was my mum at the door as I saw a shadow of someone standing there. It was 12 pm and I could hear the TV on so I knew my mum was still up.  I quickly turned my light on and the feeling was gone the shadow was gone and my door was shut. I was so freaked out that I left my light on the rest of the night.

The next morning I found out my best friends' mum had died that exact time I felt someone in my room.  So I figured she was there to say good bye to me I still haven’t worked out why though.


Two years later I had the same dream 3 nights in a row that my grandfather had died.  There was nothing wrong with him at all. The morning after the third nightmare about this my phone rang early in the morning and it was my Nanna asking my mum to come very quickly. 

My Grandfather had died in their garden from a massive heart attack.  I blamed myself for his death for years just because of having these dreams.  It took me years to tell my mum or anyone about this too.


Years and years ago my Nanna was about to turn 70. The night before her birthday party I had the weirdest dream where she was at my bed, telling me that I have to be strong for everyone cause she was dying.  She wasn’t sick at all at this time.

The next day at her party before anyone had turned up she held my hand and told me to keep it in mind what she had said the night before in my dream (she must have had the same dream or something I couldn’t work that part out).

 A couple weeks later I came home from work and my mum was crying and I asked what was
wrong.  My Nanna had emphysema and they couldn’t do anything for her and she has to give up smoking which she didn’t like the thought of either.

For a year and a half she was in and out of hospital and finally passed away in her sleep while in hospital.  It felt so eerie because I knew something was wrong before it even was and I had to keep it to myself and be strong for everyone else.


The night I had my first son they had just taken him to clean him, and then came back with him while everyone else had gone to let me rest.  I was holding my newborn Jesse and I felt and saw my Nanna sitting beside me (by this time she had passed away about seven years prior).  She told me he was beautiful and that she was so proud of me.  In those seven years my Nanna had come to see me from time to time and told me she was always here and watching over us all.


I was very pregnant with my 3rd child, and my brother had been rushed to hospital and was lucky he got there when he did otherwise possibly wouldn’t have made it.  When he came out of a medically induced coma weeks later he had told everyone he had seen me and my new baby the night before.  I went in to see him just a few hours later and he asked where bubs was and why I still looked pregnant.  I still had 3 weeks to go and he had told me it was a boy and his name was Josh. 

When I did give birth it was a boy and we called him Josh because that’s the name I had liked anyway, but it was so weird that my brother had dreamt it and he looked the same as he had described so they have a special bond between them cause of it.

* As told by Leanne

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