Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Ghost Cat

* As told by David

About 8 years ago, my partner Linda and I were at a house in Buderim being interviewed to be house-sitters. While sitting at the table chatting and drinking coffee, we met their dog and we were chatting about how sweet he was, but I thought it strange that they didn’t mention the cat that was walking around my legs brushing up against me (me not a cat lover). Eventually it jumped up on a chest of drawers sniffed around jumped off and wandered off down the hallway.

Eventually it got the better of me and I asked about their cat, whereupon they looked at me strange and said “what cat?”and I told them about the Siamese cat and where it went etcetera.  The lady nearly fainted because apparently the cat I described had died 3 years earlier and where it had been on the cupboard was where she used to feed it to stop the dog from eating her food. Needless to say, the hairs on the back of my neck were up on end at this stage and we didn’t get the job.

* As told by David

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