Friday, May 27, 2011

The Haunted Old Farmhouse

* As told by Tracy Samual

We lived in an OLD farm house, it was over 100 years old and haunted.

One day we were all going out and the car had 4 flat tyres so we had to get someone out to fix them, so after that we locked the house up and left.  When we got back home the door was opened and the key was on the floor.  This happened every day and then one day you could see an old lady in a rocking chair knitting and her husband beside her.

If you put stuff down you would see it move. There was one day a friend brought over their stereo and sat it on the bed and it started to play and it was not even plugged in. The red light was on, the turn table was going round and round but no records in it, so we all ran out screaming and you could fill a cold breeze go past.

They would take your stuff and hide them from you and move stuff on you, and at night you could see a person standing at the window with a hat on and a long coat and when you went out there, there would be a wet patch where they were standing, but no one around.

The whole house was so spooky even when we tried to light the fire you could feel someone blow out the match each time you tried to light it.

One day my mum put an old record out in the bin and when she walked in it was sitting on the table. Then she took it back out and you could see it floating back inside and fall back on the table.

People would come up to you and tell you that they could see ghosts moving around.  So we moved out and friends we knew moved in and they had the same stuff happen to them and they did not last long there either.

* As to by Tracy

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