Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ghost in the Curtains

* As told by Susan

We lived in a three bedroom house at Richmond South Australia.
My eldest brother Derrick who is about six foot tall had the middle bedroom. We were given some second-hand curtains which we put up in Derricks room.

That night a large man well over eight feet tall with pointed hair (shaped like a pointed cone and he looked like an Indian), came out of the curtain and started to attack  Derrick. This man picked Derrick up by putting his huge hand around Derrick's throat and threw him against the wall. Derrick fought back with all his strength as Derrick was strong himself and had learnt Judo, this man-thing left.

Derrick stayed up the next night just in case it came back. It didn’t that night but the next night it came and once again they fought.  Derrick even head-butted this man-thing, then it was gone again. It didn’t come back the next night.

Derrick told his girlfriend and she gave Derrick a cross to wear.  Derrick said “what can a cross do against this giant man-thing?” but promised he would do what she told him to do.

That night it came back ready to attack Derrick again, then Derrick showed the cross and told the man-thing to ‘Go … Go in Gods or Jesus's name.’  With that the man-thing left but went into our other brother’s room. When Derrick saw this happened  he ran after it, telling it to ‘get out … get out of here and never return.’

Derrick showed us his neck and you could plainly see the buised hand mark nearly all the way around his throat.

When Derrick told us that it came from out of the curtain, we immediately took the curtains down and threw them into the rubbish.

We’ve never kept second-hand curtains again.

 * As told by Susan

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