Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Spirit's Warning Voice

* As told by Susan

This is one of my true stories, I do have more.

 When I was young I was always running away,  and on one  occasion I was picked up by a guy  who was thin, had afro hair, wore glasses and drove a white Valiant car.

He told me he would take me to New South Wales.  Wow that sounded so good, I thought, hopping into his car. His car was messy with things on the front and back floor, and as we were driving along I keep getting this cold feeling go through my body.

We had travel about 4-5 miles when he turned to me and said that he better contact the family just to let them know, we pulled up just passed the phone box which was near a bridge just ahead and by a train line.  While he was in the phone box all of a sudden I heard a voice telling me to "get out … Get Out … GET OUT  NOW!”  Three times this happened, but louder and louder each time.  Then the door window went icy, so I quietly opened the door and ran to the bridge and hid.

When he finished with the phone call he kept looking around  trying to find me, then shook his head, got back into his car and drove off. I waited for about 15minutes then left the bridge.

When I returned home  I told my mother about it.  A few months later I walked into the lounge room where my mother was watching a special news broadcast, and I said  to her “that's the guy who picked me up and was going to take me to N.S.W! What's he done?"

My mother said he had killed a  TV personality's son and is one of ‘The Family Members’,  and his name  was/is  Bevan Spencer von Einem.  He is now serving his life behind bars. My mother said I might have been he’s next victim if I hadn’t taken notice of the spirit voice.

The thing that is more interesting is this was not the first time he tried to pick me up.  I kept having and still do have dreams that when I was about 7-8 years old I was at the beach.  It was either Glenelg or Henley Beach in South Australia.  I was standing near a fence by a building all by myself and I watched a black car go by, then return, and a man who looked like the guy who wanted to take me to New South Wales  asked me if he could take me home.  Then  a member of my family came, and he walked away fast,  and my family told me they were sorry they’d forgotten me.

Its’ really funny though, when I went to have a reading done the person told me I was taken from my family and was given to another family …  that’s why I always felt lost and kept running away, even though I never revealed anything about myself.
* As told by Susan

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